Episode 13: Personal Finance, Personal Development, & Navigating Adulthood with Daniela Gilet of The Lotus Circle Podcast



In this week's episode, we amplify the voice of Daniela Gilet of The Lotus Circle Podcast. The Lotus Circle Podcast is an action-based community targeting millennials, entrepreneurs, and developing adults. Their pillars are predicated on personal finance, professional/self-development and navigating the adulthood space. They help their community engage with industry professionals and provide guidance on how to create and pursue your business goals while conquering the workplace and more.

What you'll learn:

  • Lessons she learned early to break generational cycles.
  • Her inspiration for creating The Lotus Circle Podcast and acknowledging & accepting our dopeness.
  • How she balances multiple business ventures while working full-time.
  • How she empowers her community via the pillars of personal finance, professional & self-development, and navigating adulthood.
  • Her online apparel venture: Black+Haven Enterprises
CONNECT WITH: Daniela Gilet

IG:TheLotusCirclePod | FB: TLCPod | Twitter: TLCPod

Personal IG: Happiness Maven

Other Items mentioned in the show: 

Melanated Conversations will be featured on an upcoming episode of The Lotus Circle Podcast

Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. Online shopping vs. Shopping in-store?
  2. Big party or Small gathering?

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