About Us

Hi! It’s Terrian & Yana, Creators and Hosts of the Melanated Conversations Podcast. We created this global sisterly community to create space and amplify our authentic voices as black women. This is a space for our queens who desire support, community, and upliftment. We are women who support each other, ask questions, share resources, build relationships, are free to be vulnerable and celebrate one another!

Our motto: Our Narrative from Our Perspective

Here we initiate [respectful] dialogue, foster connection, and present resources for tools and tips to support you in your different phases of life. It's all love in this space.


- Melanated Chats: Our conversations we have with the fabulous melanated queens we bring to the show sharing their personal stories.

- Melanated Mentions: This is the segment of the show where we highlight black-owned [women] businesses, events, ideas, etc.

- Melanated Moment in HERstory: Here we highlight cool milestones or shout-out our fellow melanated siSTAR's achievements.

- Talk a Topic: It's simple we placed over 30 topics within a bowl to pull and we speak on it. We never know what we may get.

- Melanated Mini Series: These are bonus (episodes) and our opportunity to share about the fabulous little ladies making a Big impact. Here we celebrate the achievements of our mini queens aged 17 and younger.

- Side Conversations Series: These are bonus (episodes) and our opportunity to invite you in the living room with us to hear us [randomly] riff on topics that come to mind. You never know what you're gonna get. ;)

Welcome to the FAM!  Connect with us on social media @melanatedconvos and tell us a little about you and where you're from, ask us a question or simply say what-up!

Thank you for being a friend!
Terrian & Yana


[Interested in being a guest on Melanated Conversations? Shoot us an email to info@melanatedconversations.com and we will be in touch!]

A Few Fun Facts About Us:

Terrian...consumes a whole pack of NERDS (movie theater size) once a month.

Yana...doesn't really care for pizza, but LOVES Asian food - particularly Thai.

Yana...can recite the entire alphabet backwards for no apparent reason. Thanks to her 1st grade teacher.

Terrian...is an avid map reader....a whole Dora the Explorer.

Yana...is the writer of the duo - she is the founder of Literally Yana - (a digital open-journal that celebrates all the complexities of life) & Write-it-Off Therapy - (guided writing for personal transformation & growth).

Terrian...is the twinkle toes of our duo - she has danced since the tender age of 2, and even trained under the famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.


To establish a sisterly community that celebrates our melanated magic through the unification of our voices and stories.


We create space that:

  • Leads with honesty and integrity 
  • Promotes positive and authentic expression of our voices
  • Uplifts, motivates, and educates
  • Fosters connection and builds community


Keep the conversation going.
Help us to keep amplifying the amazing women on our show.