Bonus Episode- Say Her Name Series : Breonna Taylor

In  memory of Breonna Taylor, we are releasing a special episode today to honor her life.

Before she was a hashtag or became a headline Breonna or Bre’ as she was affectionally known to her friends and family was a then 26 year old woman who loved her work in healthcare and spending quality time with her aunts playing cards. Phase 10 and Skip Bo were her favs.

  Breonna Taylor was born June 05, 1993 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Tamika Palmer and she spent the early part of her life in Grand Rapids, Michigan before moving to Louisville when she was a teen.

Breonna graduated from Western High School in 2011, and later went on to experience college at University of Kentucky.


She was an accomplished EMT for the city of Louisville. She worked full time as ER Technician for Jewish East and PRN for Norton Healthcare. She served on the front line and dedicated her life to the care of others.


On her Facebook page, Taylor described her love for helping others and stated “Working in health care is so rewarding! It makes me so happy when I know I’ve made a difference in someone else’s life!”


As an essential worker she put her life on the line daily fighting one of the deadliest pandemics of our time only to have it tragically taken away at the hands of police.


In mid-March Breonna went to bed like the rest of us, but she didn’t get to  see the light  of day as police officers barged into Taylor’s home in Louisville, Kentucky, in the middle of the night and discharged a spray of bullets that struck and killed the 26-year-old EMT.



Breonna Taylor was a daughter, Breonna Taylor a granddaughter, Breonna Taylor a sister, Breonna Taylor a niece and a best friend to so many especially Kenneth Walker. But above else Breonna Taylor was a HUMAN.

She died before her story could truly unfold. Now it’s our duty to continue to carry the torch and honor her name. We always SAY HER NAME.


 Here are some tangible ways you can celebrate the life of Breaonna Taylor

  • Sign the petition @changedotorg
  • Donate to Breonna’s family: give what you can to Breonna’s family through their GOFUNDME
  • Call KY Attorney General Daniel Cameron : Tell him your birthday wish for Breonna is that justice is brought to her and her family and these officers to be arrested!  CALL 502-696-5300
  • Use the hashtag #SAYHERNAME,  Make art, Read poetry, flood social media and remind people that her life mattered.

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