Episode 28: Learning to Do Life and Leadership Unapologetically on Purpose-- A Conversation with Tanya J. Miller


In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Coach, Speaker, Author and Strategist Tanya J. Miller. Tanya  is a certified life coach with over eighteen
years of experience working with youth, young adults, and women throughout the
community and in ministry to pursue purpose, passion, vision, and destiny. Tanya's focus is on life and leadership. She helps clients to define their purpose in order to release their passion.  As a speaker, Tanya's' beliefs and philosophies hold true to these same ideals and passion. Her message is clear. She believes that God place in everyone purpose, and to leave this world empty after having spent their whole lives pursuing their passion, fulfilling their purpose, following their dreams, casting their vision all to one day arrive at destiny.

Tanya J. Miller is a  graduate with a BBA in finance and business management from Northwood University and an MBA from Regent University. She is the owner of Tanya J. Miller, LLC, where she is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, life coach, and leadership strategist.   Also, TJMLLC is an affiliate member of CBA, the Association for Christian Retail. While, Tanya is a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. In 2018, Tanya was named an Indie Author Legacy Awards (IALA) finalist by Purposely Created Publishing Group under the category Author on the Rise.  While in 2017, Tanya was also named an Indie Author Legacy Awards (IALA) finalist by Purposely Created Publishing Group under the category Education. 

Listen in as we chat with Tanya on how she inspires people both young and old to put the puzzle pieces of life together in her role as and business owner, coach, speaker, and author.

 What you'll learn:

  • How her faith worldview impacts her coaching style.
  • How to live unapologetically on purpose.
  • The meaning by having a "cultivated perspective"
  • The 4 Pillars of TJMLLC (purpose, passion, vision and destiny).
  • The about the inspiration behind her book "Things My Mama Said" and how the women in her life influenced and impacted her  self-confidence as a child.
  • The challenges she's faced as a black woman entrepreneur
  • What's next for TJMLLC and the release of Tanya's upcoming project "Motivated Effort".

  Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. Would you rather have no internet or no phone?
  2. Would you rather never be able to speak ever again or say everything on your mind?

Tanya's Book Collection: tanyajmiller.com/shop

"Things My Mama Said"

"Mind Matters"

"The Pro Series"


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