Episode 4: Religious vs. Relational

On today's episode...

We introduce our show segments produced in our episodes, discuss the topic of the day, and end the show with a round of rapid questions.

Melanated Mention (15:30-19:45): Jasmine Conley of JAX by Jasmine Photography and Art Services

 JAX by Jasmine  provides a wide range of skills and talents and would love to work with you individually to create something one of a kind whether its a piece of art, a mural, portraits or whatever! 

Jasmine really  adores the process of capturing a clients personality and making sure it relays the same way through the finished photo.

Jasmine truly enjoys this work and is so grateful that the Lord has opened up so many doors and opportunities for her in this regard. 

http://www.jaxbyjasmine.com/ | IG:jaxbyjasmine  | FB: JAXbyJasmine

Melanated Moment in HERstory (3:54 - 7:13): 

Nikole Hannah-Jones is a domestic correspondent for the New York Times Magazine focusing on racial injustice. She has written on federal failures to enforce the Fair Housing Act, the re-segregation of American schools and policing in America and helped curate the "The 1619 Project." Check it out here.

Talk a Topic (7:15 - 32:00): Religious vs Relational

We discuss & express our views on the topic of being relational or religious when it comes to our spiritual walk.

Rapid Fire Round (33:24 - 1:02:32)


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