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Ep. 79: Creative Eyes Looking at the Future of Black Women with Victoria Timpo

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Victoria Timpo. Victoria is a walking, talking, breathing form of art. As a first generation Ghanaian American, she likes to call herself a curator of experiences! Being a trained artist, she works for a non-profit youth art center as an art coordinator. Victoria also created Kindred Creatives Collectives, a program for empowered black women creatives to retreat into the world of art. In the conversation, you will hear: How the desire for Victoria to have deeper connections, shaped the structure for her business Why collaboration over competition is one of her core values The different ways in which art is embraced in Ghana and American society. Ways you can connect with...

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Ep. 75: Pushing Our Culture and People Forward

 Ep. 75: Pushing Our Culture and People Forward In this week’s episode, we are amplifying the voice of our beloved recurring guest, Ms. Sophia. Now, this conversation may trigger some people but this episode is filled with THE REAL: real deep, real heavy, real hard! In order for true change to happen, this is a must. Let's dive in and begin the discussion about moving forward as a collective. In this episode we chat about: Living your life outside of stereotypes Educating yourselves on the importance of black history and our culture The idea of having a leader and what that looks like for our people.  Where you can find more of Sophie Lenore Sophia Lenore of Prestige Artists https://www.instagram.com/sophialenore/...

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