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Ep. 85: Melanated Conversations on Chatting Over Chowder

This week, we decided to do something a little bit differently. We are turning our mics over to our sisters in podcasting Bethany and Sharoline. We were a guest on their podcast Chatting Over Chowder. They are also the minority magic behind our podcast!  In this episode, we chat about our journey into podcasting, our origins and insight of our joined connection, and so much more! This is such a great conversation and we’re so excited for you to hear it! In this episode we chat about: The history of Yana and Terrain with podcasting Building the brand and audience of Melanated Conversations The art of being you when it comes to podcasting Chatting Over Chowder can be found here: https://crackersinsoup.com/chatting-over-chowder/...

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Ep. 70: Aligning Your Sister Circle with Bethany & Sharoline

Between Us By Sophia Lenore  If I fall - she catches me. When I stumble - she grabs my hand. She’s my confidant My safety net My right-hand woman My number one fan When I don’t know the way - she does the research to guide me. Through triumphs and failures During moments of embarrassment or disgrace - she’s right there beside me. When the pain and self doubt becomes too great - she knows just what to say More importantly, she knows just what to do to ward negativity away. She’s my support system My Angel My Sister from another Mother My other significant other My kindred spirit My Sister Circle - to whom I owe much merit  ...

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Ep. 69: Friendship's Paths

  Ep. 69: Friendship’s Paths In this week’s episode, Sophia Lenore is back!  Sophia Lenore was featured in Episode 64 in Persistence, Hope and Thrive. If you didn’t get a chance, go back and listen.  In addition to being a recurring guest, she has been dropping all of our poems this season in the beginning of each episode! Sophia Lenore is an Executive Producer, she is also the founder and creative director of Prestige Artists, Prestige Models and Prestige Magazine! Sophia is a true artist from New York who is a celebrity hair and make-up artist and has worked with the likes of Oribe, Billy B., Brad Pitt, Eve Mendes, Uzo Aduba and so many others! In this episode, we...

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