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Ep. 87: Season Closer

Welcome to the season 5 wrap-up! We are so thrilled we were able to pull off an amazing season, even during difficult times. In today's wrap-up, we will be speaking about all of the fantastic guests we had on Melanated Conversations including how we were able to talk about Black education, beauty-line systems, pushing boundaries, Black women as the face of hospitality, among so many other subjects! Thank you for another amazing Season! Special Thanks to: Kalish Nesbitt Sable Mensah Fulmore and Brooklyn Pham Dianne Plummer Trenette Wilson Victoria Timpo Andrianne Lind Steve from Blues Clues for coming back with the apology we needed! and the movies that we watched within this past year! We want to give a special shout out and...

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Episode 51: Taking Life's Lemons and Turning them into Lemonade: A Conversation with Terri Lomax

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Terri Lomax . Terri Lomax is a globally recognized podcaster, speaker, and brand strategist. The founder and visionary for the Mocha Girls Pit Stop blog and co-founder of the H.E.R Space Podcast, she empowers entrepreneurs to leverage social media and personal branding to grow their audience, impact, and bank account. Her lifelong desire to help others overcome adversity was birthed from a place of hurt and pain. As a child, her resilience enabled her to overcome physical and verbal abuse and defy statistics about children with incarcerated parents. In her new book, How to Glow Up As You Grow Up: Your Go-To Guide for Overcoming Obstacles and Making Lemonade, Terri shares her personal story of triumph over tragedy and...

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Episode 39: Moving through your Fulfillment Factor -- A Conversation with Brittany Sherell

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Brittany Sherell. Brittany is a Power-Packed Speaker, Coach, and Author who helps High-Achieving Women live with meaning and lead with confidence. Brittany is known for her high-energy, engaging approach to learning and development. Her practical approaches to achieving results are easy to incorporate without ever getting overwhelmed.

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