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Ep. 76: It's a WRAP...a Seasonal Wrap!

Welcome to our final episode of season 4! We are so thankful to all of our guests this incredible season for their time, knowledge and wisdom. In this week’s episode, we chat with our recurring co-host, Sophie Lenore about the highlights and our takeaways from our guests. Thank y'all for your continuous support and love this season! We can’t wait to show you what we are bringing in you in season 5!  In this episode we chat about: Summaries of our previous guests and what to expect when listening to their episode. The episodes that left us in deep thought and had Yana almost shed a tear.  Why we have this platform that uplifts our women and all the great...

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Ep. 74:  The Future of Politics with Christina Romelus

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Christina Romelus.  Christina is not your typical politician!  She is the cheerleader that every community needs.  Her family is her nuclear center that helps her go through day by day. With their love and support, she has found a passion for politics and wanting to change the world for good for her sons. She is a powerhouse and leader for stepping up in changing in the black and brown communities and giving the people what they need. In this episode, we talk about: How being a "boys' mom" started her political career. Christina’s mission to bring the right people in office to bring the changes that are promised from the start. ...

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