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Episode 52: The Group Chat Series: Behind the Front lines - A Healthcare Provider Battling a Pandemic with Jasmine Berry

On this episode, we chat with Jas on the real regarding life behind the scenes as a provider on the front lines battling this pandemic. Jas gets candid about her own mental and physical well-being during this crisis, and we share our thoughts on doing our part together to curve this pandemic.

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Episode 50: Unintentional Triumphs from Life's Stumbles & Mistakes with Tershone Phillips of the Right Mistake Podcast

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Tershone Phillips.  Tershone is the host of the Right Mistake Podcast where she discusses turning accidental decisions into life-changing moments with her guests. On this episode, Tershone openly shares some personal moments of tragedy and transformation and how she has triumphed through the journey.

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Episode 46: Bravely Leading the Scene in International Theatre: A Conversation with Sidonie Smith

In this episode, Sidonie sets the stage into her journey into theater and how bolding taking advantage of open doors placed her center stage in some of the biggest roles in her career. We unpack what it’s like being a multi-talented black creative artist in this arena, and how she is holding space for fellow artists to bravely move into their creative passions.

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