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Ep. 82: Equitable Education and Outcomes with Sable Mensah Fulmore & Brooklynn Pham

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voices of Sable Mensah Fulmore and Brooklynn Pham. Sable is the founder and CEO for Equitable Outcomes, LLC which helps school systems disrupt unconscious bias in instructional decision making to close the opportunity gap and systemize equity for all black children. Brooklynn is a senior managing director of Leadership Development at Teach for America California Capital Valley, which works towards excellence and equality for all. Both women want to create systems that disrupt unconscious bias and cultivate high-quality instructional practices for educating our children. In this episode we converse about: How Sable and Brooklynn met The deep roots that Brooklynn has in her family regarding education What happened when Sable honestly called out her school for...

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Episode 35: The Group Chat Series-- Let's Chat Trans Racial Families and Adoptions: A Conversation with Dr. Traci Baxley and Kristine Smith

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voices of former guest Dr. Traci Baxley and ally Kristine Smith. Tune in to our special Group Chat episode as we keep it real discussing the challenges of transracial adoptions and the affects of being a transracial adoptee/parent.

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