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Ep. 71: Getting Your Writing Game Up with Quiana Darden

Descendants Of Freedom's Journal by, Sophia Lenore Where are our Black voices? Voices of intellectual, financial, and spiritual freedom – for which we bled & fought? Did they just disappear with united Black consciousness and progressive Black thought? Who is writing for us? Where are our Black journalists? Our Black media armies – and brave woke writers that swing their pens like a mighty sword? Where are the descendants of “Freedom's Journal”?  The first Black newspaper launched in the 1820’s – when our voices roared! Who’s ensuring that we’re protected & well represented? Who will personify my voice? Your voice Our voice? While writing stories about Black joy, Black camaraderie and how we uniquely congregate to rejoice! We need and...

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Episode 55: Advocating for Black Women in Healthcare-- A Conversation with Dr. Kortney Floyd James

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Dr. Kortney Floyd James.  Dr. Kortney is a nurse scientist with research interest in maternal-child health disparities, specifically maternal mortality and maternal mental health.

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