Episode 8: Cope, Hope, & Bury feat. Yana Reynolds

Life isn't always pretty, but it's a beautiful thing.

In this week's episode... we highlight one of the creators of Melanated Conversations and founder/writer of Literally Yana, Yana Reynolds. Yana shares her story of reemergence from depression through the art of therapeutic and expressive writing. She illustrates her journey of pushing through the pain of what she refers to her most difficult year to discovering her life purpose, and how she encourages others to write-it-off.

Melanated Mention/Melanated Moment in HERstory (1:52 - 5:45): Yana Reynolds of Literally Yana and Write-it-off Therapy

Literally Yana is a collection of personal and expressive writing practices that spark + promote healthy releases toward a path of healing. It is infused with love, life lessons, self-celebration, and community building. Write-it-Off Therapy provides guided writing practices for personal transformation & growth. 

Through powerful words and visuals, Yana aspires to inspire people to live in their purpose intentionally + unapologetically and celebrate + love themselves and others unconditionally with each stroke of her pen.

www.literallyyana.com| IG: literallyyana | FB: literallyyana

Free writing guide & resources at www.defeattheblankpage.com

Talk a Topic (6:17 - 37:18): Cope, Hope, & Bury

Yana discusses the meaning behind cope, hope, and bury and provides a glimpse of how it showed up in her life, and how she persevered beyond the pain after a tumultuous year.

Other Items mentioned: 

Steven Johnson's Syndrome - a rare, serious disorder of the skin and mucous membranes usually caused by a reaction to a medication or an infection. Fewer than 20,000 cases are reported in the U.S. per year.  - Source: Mayo Clinic


The Artists Way (Morning Pages) - Julia Cameron

You Are Bad Ass - Jen Sincero

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Podcast: Therapy for Black Girls

Other Tips: 

  • Utilize your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with your organization, if offered
  • Use all of your PTO days and be sure to take some for mental health care as you so need it. Make the investment in you and your health.

Poetry: Yana's 2018 Reflections (37:18 - 39:32)

Rapid Fire Questions (40:20 - 55:00): 

  1. What is your theme song for 2019? - Beyonce: Freedom
  2. What is your favorite hidden treasure restaurant (back home)? What do you order? Craigs BBQ in De Valls Bluff, AR; Nick's in Carlisle, AR; Uncle Jerry in Brinkley, AR
  3. What are some resources you would recommend? - Morning Pages; You Are A Bada** - Jen Sincero; 

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