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Episode 25: Educating Our Children on Money Management: A Conversation with Raeshal Solomon of My Little Banker & PodKash Kids

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of the Money Mompreneur, Raeshal Solomon. Raeshal is an author, speaker, and podcast host passionate about equipping parents with the resources to promote sound money practices with their children.

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Episode 12: Social Justice Parenting: Parenting from a Space of Radical Love. feat. Dr. Traci Palmer Baxley

Dr. Baxley is the creator of Social Justice Parenting and Founder/CEO of Traci Baxley Consulting, a company dedicated to supporting parents on their journey of raising independent, compassionate, and socially conscious children. As a belonging and inclusion advocate and the creator of Social Justice Parenting, she assists families who are stuck in fear-based parenting to transition to parenting from a space of radical love.

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