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Episode 51: Taking Life's Lemons and Turning them into Lemonade: A Conversation with Terri Lomax

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Terri Lomax . Terri Lomax is a globally recognized podcaster, speaker, and brand strategist. The founder and visionary for the Mocha Girls Pit Stop blog and co-founder of the H.E.R Space Podcast, she empowers entrepreneurs to leverage social media and personal branding to grow their audience, impact, and bank account. Her lifelong desire to help others overcome adversity was birthed from a place of hurt and pain. As a child, her resilience enabled her to overcome physical and verbal abuse and defy statistics about children with incarcerated parents. In her new book, How to Glow Up As You Grow Up: Your Go-To Guide for Overcoming Obstacles and Making Lemonade, Terri shares her personal story of triumph over tragedy and...

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Episode 50: Unintentional Triumphs from Life's Stumbles & Mistakes with Tershone Phillips of the Right Mistake Podcast

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Tershone Phillips.  Tershone is the host of the Right Mistake Podcast where she discusses turning accidental decisions into life-changing moments with her guests. On this episode, Tershone openly shares some personal moments of tragedy and transformation and how she has triumphed through the journey.

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Episode 47: Season 2 Wrap and Recap

    In this week’s episode, we recap our season 2 show guests and reflect on our  experiences, growth and gratitude for an awesome season.  Listen in as we speak about our journey in amplifying the voices and stories of black women. What you'll learn: Our mission of shining light on our melanated queens and sharing our lessons and celebrating our successes. Recap of all the wonderful women that have been guests to the show.  Special love and gratitude to all of our listeners. Finding  Black joy in the highs and lows of life When you can expect our Season 3 Return. How you can stay connected with us during our brief hiatus. What's next for Melanated Conversations?   [music:...

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